Who is the Persistent pilgrim?

Our Mission

A pilgrim is a traveler (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey to a holy place.

This company is dedicated to inspiring young people to become the best version of themselves. He encourages personal growth by getting out of your comfort zone, primarily through travel blogs and reviews. I also discuss men’s mental health, life experiences, and overcoming challenges. 

The Persistent Pilgrim

The Persistent Pilgrim is an African-American who has lived outside of the US for nearly a decade. In that time, he has lived in multiple countries in Africa and Europe.

His goal is to encourage young people (especially young black people) to get out of their comfort zone and travel for the purpose of self-discovery and improvement. Through his blog and social media platforms he discusses what it is like to live in Europe as an African American. Furthermore, his ambition is to encourage more African Americans to travel to Africa and learn about their ancestors.

The Persistent Pilgrim also provides advice for products / services that help fellow pilgrims in their travels. This is due to his position as an affiliate marketer. There is no obligation to buy, and any poduct suggestions are just that, suggestions.

Persistent Pilgrim core values

“The end of your comfort zone is the start of your life!”- NAS